Mar 2004: Mars Bar Show 4/3

Mische will be performing at the Mars Bar on Saturday April 3rd. Please drop in but come early. She’ll be on stage at 9pm sharp! Stick around for Sugartown and Carrie Clark – a great night of music!

Additionally, Mische’s music has been delivered to the following companies and will soon be available for download. AudioLunchbox, Napster, Apple iTunes, DiscLogic, NetMusic, MusicMatch, Rhapsody.


Mar 2004: Matt Chamberlain confirmed!

Mar 2004: Matt Chamberlain has just been confirmed for the record. This is fantastic news, as Matt is one of the greatest drummers on the planet and Mische’s favorite.


Mar 2004: Amazing musicians will be on this record!

The lineup for the disc is coming together and is going to be fantastic. Bill Horist is producing and will be on guitar. Ben Hadley will be adding some acoustic and electric guitar elements. Randall Dunn will be engineering, adding a sound or two and mixing. Mische will be on bass and vocals, of course!