Oct 2010: Where have I been? Cancer. No really!

Ahh, yes. I remember how to do this! Well fans, I’m sure you’re wondering where on earth I’ve been. I’m here to give you a little update about that. So there was our CD release party, which I really had a blast at, by the way. I can’t thank you all enough for the great night of fun. At the same time that was happening I was 1. totally exhausted from all the excitement and hard work of releasing the record and 2. falling head-over-heels in love. So after the release party, it seemed like a great idea to take a little time off. I did exactly that – I did a little recording here and there, but mostly, I spent a lot of time relaxing.

Just about the time I started to feel itchy to get the band together again, a little cold left a little knot on my neck; a lymph node that I eventually named ‘lumpy’. Lumpy and I took quite a journey together.. first we talked to a lot of doctors, we took a trip to Paris for fun, we did several scans to determine what Lumpy was made of, then we discovered that Lumpy was cancer. What an interesting experience! We found this out on April 2nd 2008 and launched immediately into surgery, then chemo and radiation. (by the way, it turns out not everyone loses their hair from chemo.. who knew?!)

So here we are, October 2010… I’m in the clear as far as I know. Interestingly, my voice wasn’t changed much at all from the treatment. I don’t think so at least – I’ll let you all be the judge of that though. I plan to get to work on a new record before long and really REALLY look forward to being back on stage again.

I just pitched in for an article for Women’s Health Magazine that out now. (the November issue) Click here to check it out. However I have a little bit to add to this.. my throat cancer tested positive for HPV – that’s what caused it – but as of the last set of conversations I had with the experts, and I’ve had a LOT of conversations, they don’t and won’t say that HPV/Head-Neck cancers are caused by oral sex, which is the whole premise of this article. I’m a little horrified that it’s the whole focus of the article but that’s what sells magazines, I guess. Still, I’m happy to lend my story to anyone it may help.