Hello out there folks. This post is woefully overdue. I’ve been a bit at a loss for how to write about this. But here it is.. a post filled heartache but also bursting with honor and incredible pride.

My dear, dear friend Guy Capecelatro III (yes, you’ve heard me talk about him before!) had an incredibly tough 2017. After a battle with cancer, his amazing wife Pam passed away. I met Pam only once when I was visiting Guy’s adorable little corner of the world. She had a warmth that put me instantly at ease. She was funny and kind. Needless to say, I liked her. And knowing Guy, she was one hell of a great woman in many, many ways!

Somehow, Guy has remained prolific throughout this challenge. Holy smokes.. what a heart. I’m ever impressed with his ridiculous talent, but even more with his drive to continue on and express these experiences. Too, the courage to be raw and honest. Generally, he’s a master creator of stories – woven tales about people and places that a somewhat fictional. This record, however, is all very real. Guy has created a materpiece about very real emotions and very real pain. Here’s a great interview with Guy.

He asked me to add supporting vocals to a track on the record. It took a couple of days before I could start singing. I basically needed to listen to the track over and over and cry it out. I eventually managed it. This record was released on September 5th (2018) and I am incredibly honored to be part of it. You’ll find me on track 4 ‘The Body Heals’.

This disc is available all over the place. Here are a few options: BandCamp, CD Baby, Apple Music, Spotify, the list goes on..

Guy, if you’re reading this, thank you for trusting me with this. I love you.