Flier for Mische Eddins' Come Unwound CD Release.

Flier for Mische Eddins’ Come Unwound CD Release.

Well, we’re long overdue for an update, but here we are at last! Mische has been taking time off from the show circuit to work on new material. We’re very happy with the progress so far, but admittedly a wee bit distracted by the occasional sunny day. Check back from time to time to find out how you can hear roughs of the new songs. Also, be sure to visit Mische’s myspace page for information as well.

A very deep thank you to all who came out to the release party. We packed the place! Hopefully, you had just as much fun as us! Also, a warm thanks to the talented folks who shared the stage with us that night; Brad Walters / Klondike 5. It was a pleasure!

Well, that’s it for now.. more soon…