Lori Carson’s Songwriters Workshop October 2002

In October of 2002 , 11 talented and unique songwriters joined me at the Orient Inn on the North Fork of Long Island, for a weekend of song-writing (also, a lot of talking, eating, and just having an amazing time). Some in the group were beginners, others very accomplished. Each person had sent me a sample of his work, yet there was no predicting how extraordinary each and every one would be. I know we were all inspired by the collective talent assembled that autumn weekend.

As I listen to these songs generated during those fruitful days, I am amazed at how each person is so contained in his or her song. I am brought right back to being seated in that circle, guitars in our laps. How blessed I was to spend a weekend writing with this special group, generous and kind, passionate and dedicated. I love each one. I am proud to be a part of introducing you to these truly exceptional artists. I know you will love them too”. — Lori Carson

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